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Authentic Jamaican Jerk is prepared with PimentoWood! The meat or vegetables are placed directly on top of Pimentowood, as the food cooks; it absorbs oils directly from the surface of the wood, and also gets permeated with the fragrant steam and smoke produced by the chips and pimento leaves.

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The pimentowood tree gives us pimento berries, also known as allspice, pimentowoodforsmoking, sticks to make a grill, and leaves to add additional smoky aroma to jerk cooking.

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Pimento and Sweet Wood sticks on a bed of pimento leaves. 4. When grill is hot enough lay the leaves on the cooler side of the grill, or in the center if you are using a

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Pimento – Also called allspice, Jamaican pepper, myrtle pepper or newspice, Pimento is an exotic wood that gives off a tangy, herbaceous flavor that’s

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PimentoWoodSmoker Chips are used to smoke Jerk chicken, fish, pork or shrimp during grilling. The pimento chips can be placed in a smoker, smoker box or you can even make a tinfoil pouch and poke small holes in it to create a smoking station for you foods. During the first stages of the.

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not smoking chips or dust but perfect pieces of woodfor your smoker. Hickory, Apple, Mesquite, Pimento, Alder, Olive are just some of the woods available. these different firewoods will add the most amazing flavours and tastes to your food, fabulous forsmoking and fabulous for eating.

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Pimentowood was first used forsmoking meat by the Native Arawak Indians and then by escaped slaves. It was the primary wood used to smoke the meat known as boucan that was eaten by pirates and other seafarers. It is from boucan that we get the word buccaneer.

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Of course, the smoke from PimentoWood is as important to jerk as any smoke is important to any BBQ tradition. Feblowitz says he recently did an 18-hour smoke — he's diehard and doesn't wait until summer to cook jerk. There are "a few other diehards like me," but for the most part, this is his slow.

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Why Is SmokerWood Important In Smoking Meat? Smokerwood chips, chunks, and logs actually impart different flavors on the meat or fish you are cooking. This means that it is another flavor element that you need to be aware of if you want to be an expert smoker.