Lego star wars clone wars review

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Lego and StarWars, what a great combination! My son and I love to build these sets together (maybe me a little more). I see him being creative when building other items and using his imagination a

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Game Review
Parents need to know that LEGOStarWars III: The CloneWars is a toy-based, movie-licensed action game, but with a better pedigree than that description generally implies. The LEGO video games have a big following because they have been consistently high-quality games, and this one is no exception.

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Review -
Level design in LEGOStarWars III also succeeds over its predecessors by allowing for a greater wealth of variety mid-mission. Large scale space battles can segue into typical smash-and-grab corridor walking, progressing into a boss battle and then back out into the galaxy. Compare this to the.